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Re: My 87-year-old dad has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia.

Hi Judy,
Thank you so much for posting. I am so glad I found this site, even though I am learning of lots of rude awakenings yet to come.
Dad really is interested in moving sooner rather than later, but I really picked a bad time of year to get this started. Doctor has to fill out forms, and is out of the office half the time these weeks. I have tried the blister packs with my dad but he said he doesn't need to use them--he remembers what to take when. (I took him to cardiologist last week and everything looked fine on EKG). One more place I cross my fingers and hope he is in no immediate danger.
Dad has plenty of food in the freezer but I don't know how much he eats when I'm not there. I bring over lots of fruit and it slowly disappears. (But there is some very old food in the fridge sometimes.) I plan to start going over more often and check what he eats then. Maybe I'll try getting in touch with Meals on Wheels.
I have met his attorney before and have sent an email, asking about power of attorney. Dad also wants to talk to her so I plan on getting there soon. I already pay his bills. For awhile now I have had access to his bank accounts and am keeping him up to date. (Once in awhile a bill goes missing--he has lost it or filed it someplace else). Usually I find all kinds of mail on his table, throw most of it away (solicitations) and he doesn't seem to mind. He signs the checks that I fill out. (While he has given to many charitable causes before, it hasn't ever been any outlandish amount--luckily, he has never given money or credit card numbers over the phone and perhaps out of habit, I can depend on him keeping it that way until he moves.
In general I am watching him more closely now. If I look at him today compared to a couple of months ago, it seems like the rate of deterioration has increased. It just occurred to me to wonder if he puts his trash out.
Thanks to your input, I plan on checking a number of things when I go back over there.

Much appreciation to you all,


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