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Re: How to deal with non-understanding friend

Originally Posted by writeleft View Post
With your history of addiction to pain medication, I would be just as protective of you as your friend is...and I hope you would too. If this is a true friend, I would want nothing less than that reaction.

In this case, is seems if your friend will only be happy if you stay away from the addictive medication that you have already fallen prey to. If you choose to keep the narcotics going, I would expect your friend to disapprove. And that is fair both ways...

While we are all very different, I can understand both your positions. I have seen a friend get lost into the bowels of addiction from pain pills, and he refused to see it. It is such a tough call.
She is and we've had long talks but no other meds work to even knock the pain. This last fight she basically called me a druggie and was very cruel with her words. This was my BFF of 7yrs. It's a tough call bc I want to be pain free but not lose my BFF. As of now its been a month since we spoke.
Blessings to you...
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