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Low Penis Sensitivity

Hello I'm 23 and looking for advice,

I feel like I have very low penis sensitivity. Sometimes it is easy achieve orgasm, but more often than not it takes 30-45 minutes. Also the top part of my penis seems to have no sensitivity whatsoever. The frenulum seems to be the only part that is somewhat sensitive. I find that I can only come in missionary position. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain an erection. As far as masturbation, I don't masturbate anymore, one of the perks of having my wife here. However when I used masturbate it was rough and focused on the bottom of my penis. I am very attracted to my wife, but it frustrating for both of us when it takes forever to achieve orgasm. I am circumcised and have heard that that can be a cause of greatly decreased sensitivity. I have also heard about foreskin restoration and after all these issues, I am definitely considering it. Please help!!!!

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