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Re: My Brother....again

Thank you for your reply. Here it is Christmas morning. I'm laying in my old bedroom. My parents are still asleep. My brother isn't here. I truly feel he is unhappy with his life and can't take the steps to help himself. He knows deep down he needs therapy but is too scared....I believe. I feel so sad. I get so mad when he tries to twist stories around. He used to explode more often when things weren't how he wanted. It's not as often but I feel the air sucked out of the room when it happens. My mom is the main culprit because she never put him in his place. This all stems from her childhood. It's a vicious cycle. I go to therapy every week. Last night, while we were texting I tried to talk sense ino him but then stopped. I said he could do whatever he wanted because I wasn't doing the back and forth. I always fear tragedy. If that happens, my family of 4 (no extended) will be destroyed.