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Re: huge unexplained weight gain

Thanks kmarr916, yes I have a blood test booked in for the end of January for the cushings test, I will let u know the outcome, thanks again, I am so anxious and worried about this as its been going on for a year now and I just keep putting weight on. I just assumed it was something to do with reverse t3 cos the docs tell me my thyroid is fine now with medication and maybe I should go on anti depressants and see a phyciatrist, and they wonder why I am so anxious when I go and see the docs, u get ten minutes to tell them everything then they tell u that u are fine and its all i the head. I am like a mad woman, my head is spinning, I dont think it is cushings I think it is the thyroid, that is the only thing going on at the moment apart from hrt which I have had to stop for 7 weeks before taking the cushings test. heres hoping it is something to do with the hormones.

Sorry to go on but this has really messed up my head, and no one is listening, I tell them about all the excercise I do and the fact that I have a physical job and eat very healthily and it is impossible to gain weight when you eat less than the energy you use, there is something going on with my body, I know my body, my arms also get very tired like a burning sensation when I do the smallest of jobs and I get out of breath at the simplest of things and by the time I get to the top of the stairs my legs are burning like Ive ran three miles, whats that all about.