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Newly Wed Honeymoon Definitely Over

Me and my wife met about two years ago. When we first met we were just like any new couple and had sex ALOT. I mean a whole whole bunch and it was amazing. This lasted about two months and I had medical trouble that has left me legally blind. In the last couple of year we have gotten married and the sex has depleated to once or twice a week(with spans of none over a week or two thrown in). I know that that is better than a lot of people have it but I am extremely sexual and believe my best years are fading away soon I will be 30. Then 40 and I am terrified I wil have no sex at all at some point and be this miserable ******* that is completely unhappy and unable to find anyone again.

More than anything I want my marriage to this woman to work and I wan everything to be not exactly like those first two months but some reseblance would be acceptable. Here are some major factors of why we don't have sex according to her.

1. Tired (we don't have kids and she works a normal 40 hr work week.
2. Missionary style hurts and it is "pokey"
3. I don't like having sex anymore("but I love you")
4. Cant be on top because it is unflattering.

There are more but I cant help but think that she is not feeling good about her self and wont do anything about it. I work out very regularly and eat right for the most part. Well enough to stay attractive but I rarely think she is attracted to me. I definitely cant help but think that my disability is unattractive to her. I cant drive and I think I may seem emasculated in her eyes because I cant do things like drive her places and she does have to look out for me some times due to my blindness. I know my independence could help a bunch but I really feel like that shouldn't matter so much. I guess I don't have a question just looking for opinions.

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