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Body and head shake/twitch like symptom

I have a past of anxiety (Social anxiety) but ive gotten over a majority of it. When I used to get attacks my head would shake back and forth kind of like id be saying no. But it wasnt very noticeable thank god.

For the past week I went through a bit of a depression spell and now my upper body neck and head jerk or twitch. The more I think about it the more nervous I get and the worse it gets. Its off and on, it usually comes around when I get paranoid or nervous. And if I twitch in the slightest way I get super paranoid and it gets stronger. Its not that noticeable to people around me, but I cant stand it. If they stared at me they would definitely know something was up though.

I havnt been getting much sleep and my schedules been off. Im pretty sure I have low iron and vitamin D so ive been taking multi vitamins.

Can someone please tell me ill be alright and that I havnt developed a disease at the age of 19..? Thats my biggest fear. I do tend to overthink things though. Its really been messing me up. Anxiety is a SOB.

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