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Re: <0.5 Ferritin levels. is that even possible?

heather thank you for responding. I went to the hemotologist on Monday and he gave the official diagnosis of severe iron deficiency. I'm just waiting now on insurance approval to began infusions. he repeated my blood work also. my platelets drop a tiny bit but nothing worth being happy about, I'm not sure about my ferritin because that gets sent to an outside lab and I didn't get the results back yet.
I feel like for it to be THAT low this would've had to be going on for a while. but than why didn't it affect anything else. (hemoglobin, hematocrit etc)
I have no other health problems like celiacs or ulcers. My periods are on the lighter side but I do pass clots. I always have passed clots since I started getting my period. They've never been anything crazy in size or amount. I am though thinking of uterine ablation if my periods are the cause. I'm willing to do anything at this point just to feel better.