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Re: 30+ years of RLS

Originally Posted by junebugzz View Post
YES! I've had RLS as many yrs as you have,I'm 58 in Jan. It has taken over my body. Its the worse kind of Torture, everywhere on your body enveloped in the most almost unexplainable agony. How do you define RLS? Its so hard to explain to someone. I also am on Mirapex. At first I took it at bedtime now the dr. has me takeing three aday, the last one at bedtime. It had become a Constant day and night torture for me that did take over all my body, Not just my legs like the disease is said to be..Restless LEG Syndrome. NO, it can Everywhere on your body. The only relief i use to get was MOVE...if you for one second stop, RLS> i will try to explain the feelings throughout my body..of course the feeling that you can not sit still,,,duh..jerking all over from something inside of me crawling,twisting, hitting all my nerves and sending my teeth to grinding, my mind thinking i can't go on with this feeling inside, I thank God for Mirapex and my life back. Taking three a day has literally Changed my life and ability to get more sleep. I also have Fibromyalgia lupus and the list goes on..w/b Donna
I wanted to add this runs in families but is more severe in some people than others.