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Re: Difficulty swallowing after anterior cervical spinal surgery

I had the same trouble after my ACDF 5 years ago. I had a 2 level 4-6 with plate & screws. Many people have trouble with only certain foods. Meat just wouldn't go down. It's a texture thing. Apple sauce = easy. Hamburger with bun = difficult. The scary part is finding out which food is going to cause a problem. Improvement after 3-6 months is possible.

You may want to ask for a swallow test 3 months post-op. A diagnosis of dysphagia may yield treatment that will help.

Small bites, chewed very well, lots of water. Avoid trigger foods. Yes, it's annoying that I can't cruise Costco and enjoy the samples but it is what it is.

Try not to smack the people who say that at least it helps keep your weight down.

Good luck.