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Re: lamatrogine or ethosuximide

Hi everyone

I have epilepsy and ataxia the ataxia was caused by an overdose of medication about 30 years ago. Does anyone have that ?.
Here is a very brief history of my situation hopefully to give you a better understanding and help you in your reply . At the time it all happened I was on Dilantin and my doctor was supposed to order me regular blood tests (I was so not aware of this) but as the was dying of cancer he forgot to do this. So now on top of my epilepsy I have to deal on a daily basis with ataxia, which to those of you who are not sure what it is - it is damage to a certain part of the brain (in my case the cerebellum) which causes me to have bad balance, speech, and coordination problems. There are many types of ataxia which can be caused by different things but the doctors have told me that mine is cause by over medication which damaged and shrunk my cerebellum.

I will be seeing my neurologist in the beginning of the new year and I would like to have some new information to hand to him (e.g. responses to this post) from actual people with the symptoms so that more can be done for my situation.

Presently I am on - Lamotrogine/Lamiclal 150 mgs per day & Keppra 2,000 mgs per day.
I know as I have reduced my medications many many times that they make the symptoms of the ataxia worse than they could be otherwise, and my doctor has confirmed that the Lamictal is the main culprit.

I have been considering going back on to Dilantin to see if they symptoms get any better or not as they caused it in the 1st place

What I would like to find out from you is if there is anybody out there that has epilepsy and ataxia and if so what medication have you found to work best for you or is there some other more natural way that you have found helps.

Have a great season and all the best for good new year Craig