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Re: My heart rhythm seems to be always 95

Dear justaguy300 --

I'm lots older than you but around age 50 or a bit before, began getting horrible palpitations -- would feel the racing pulse in my throat and one time, decided to get a free blood pressure and pulse check at the local mall, courtesy of Red Cross nurses there for the day. By the time I had that done my pulse was thru the roof. Nurse did not say how high but said, "wow, tachycardia!" Told me to 'calm down' and perhaps see my doctor. I clearly had worked myself into a nervous wreck over even the PROSPECT of the minor test at the mall, so convinced was I that I was really 'sick.' I'm still here, 13 years later...

There are a few comments in your memo that make it sound like you have a lot of anxiety about this, recognized or not. That does NOT help. I finally went to a cardiologist and he put an event monitor on me for two full weeks since palps were not constant. All he recommended after that period was over was Atenolol, a beta blocker, very low dose. He said I had 'benign sinus tachy.' These arrythmias come and go over time, become more obvious with age, and are dealt with fairly easily by a good and patient doctor. People with this issue tend to 'scare' easily as feeling weak and faint and anxiety ridden and those palps in throat or chest are VERY disconcerting. You can put your own self into a full-blown panic attack with this thing.

My primary care doc, a woman my own age, knowing what I went through (and continue to be bothered by from time to time, like at THIS TIME OF YEAR even without obvious 'stressors') -- asked me some time ago a bunch of questions about what's going on with me when I get a 'run of palps.' I got the impression she was thinking about another patient's woes or even her own self.

Here's what makes matters worse: Being overly tired and/or LACK OF ENOUGH SLEEP; too much caffeine, even too much chocolate or caffeinated soda. Avoid all except Decaf coffee and tea, and ALCOHOL makes it worse, most definitely. Smoking, too. Any stress at all, could be good OR bad stress -- excitement over an upcoming event or vacation, or bad stress like an argument with someone, a deadline at work or school -- you name it , can make this worse. The mind has a huge impact on the body.

Lately, after many months of feeling nothing, I've experienced some bad palps that last up to a minute or two, then resolve on their own especially when I cough hard, a long-recommended way to jolt the heart back to normal rhythm.

People young and old have this condition and variants of it, but bear in mind that it does tend to be more noticeable or crop up for the first time as we 'age.' That could mean 'aging' to age 30 or as late as 55 or 60. Women and men seem to be bothered at the same rate. I know women AND men with this complaint.

Above all, try to RELAX and know you are in good company. The more the docs tell you they can't find anything, the better the news IS. Fact is that many many people have rhythm issues, most do, in fact, it's just that most are not aware of them often and yes, they are usually more noticeable when we are 'adults.'

There's a great book on the market called "From Panic to Power." Don't remember the author but look it up on Amazon or at a bookstore. It's really helpful and helps you see the difference between 'real' illness and anxiety/panic which, BTW, have lots of the same symptoms as heart rhythm issues. Good luck and check back to tell us how you are doing. And please try to stay CALM! Happy New Year!