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I have Leukemia (CML). I did have many of the same things you listed but I would guess that we all get them from time to time and has nothing to do with Leukemia.

I am "NOT" a doctor but for Leukemia you would have WBC rising and not going lower. Also, I will add that the WBC going from 13K to 11K is in the normal range but on the high side of normal. On my CBC the range is 5K to 10K so 13K is not a big deal. Might be figting a fevor etc...

For me high WBC are in the range of 150K. I was diagnosed at 280K !!!

But, the ONLY way to know is to get a CBC test from the Doctor. Find a new Doctor if you think he is not taking you serious!

Again, based on the WBC counts you listed I would say you can at least sleep better about Leukemia especially if WBC is dropping..But find a Doctor to confirm...

All the best