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Re: Gabapentin

Originally Posted by nola View Post
Hi cocoa76, no, the drowsiness has not gone away but I'll give it a few more weeks. No, it has not helped the pain or any of my other symptoms yet but it may need to be in my system for awhile before it starts working. I'm giving it a few more weeks and if it does not help, my neuro will increase the dose, and then if it still doesn't help after another few weeks, we'll try something else.

Thanks for asking.
Hi, I have been on gabapentin for a couple of years. Was started on 300 mg a day but my neuropathy pain is now really severe and constant so am now on 2,100 -2,400 mg a day.

My pain specialist says that this med is the best for nerve pain. I have to agree. He also said it has to be up to a certain strength for it to work and build in your system for awhile for it to work. You may need to up your dose, in order for it to work for you. Also, if it makes you sleepy, take the higher dose at night before bed and take smaller doses during the day. That is what I do. I take 300 mg in the morning, 300 mg at lunch, 300 mg when I get home from work and 600 before I go to bed. It helps me fall asleep as I have horrible insomnia. took me weeks of my body getting used to it and playing with what strengths to take because this med puts me in a stupor at work. That is one thing I hate about this med for me. But with my pain, I could not imagine living life without it now.

I am also on Loritab but it in no way helps as much as gabapentin. I only take 2.5 mg once in morning, once at lunch and 5 mg when I get home from work.

But these meds only help take the edge off.