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Re: Gasping for air just before sleep

Wow I cant believe there are other people out there with the same exact symptoms virtually word for word. This just started happening to me recently, I'm a 26 year old male and have never had any sleep disorders or problems before. My whole life I've been able to fall asleep no problem for 10-12 hours without waking up but randomly I started having the same issues as you.

Nothing has changed as far as my diet or work or activities that I do so I'm not sure what is causing it but it seems to be very random. It'll happen 1 night out of the blue and then go away for weeks and then sometimes come back for several nights in a row but then disappear again.

I do know that I have some type of acid reflux or GERD issue which I need to go to the doctor for but that has been an issue for a while now and this sleep disorder is rather recent within the last few months.

If anyone ever figures this out please let us know as this is becoming rather frustrating when I have to wake up at 5am for work and it takes several hours and episodes of this to pass before I can do so.

As a matter of fact the reason I am typing this at 3am is because I can't sleep because I've just experienced this a few times in the last couple of hours so I have given up and will just not sleep tonight I guess.

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