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Re: Uterine Cancer Stage I

Originally Posted by Sassydoll4life View Post
I do wish to have children, but my infertifility issue is separate from my Cancer, so I will have to take a fertility drug called Clomid. I can only take 2 rounds of this because it will cause my Cancer to come back aggresively. My husband already has a child and he does not wish for me to risk my health to have a baby. He does not want to risk losing me. I know that I am not old, but 35 is not so young to start a family with these complications. I have been doing a lot of praying because I know no matter what advice people give me, I have to make the decision in the end. Thank you so much for your comments. I hope you are having happy holidays. Yeah, inventro is very expensive. I am a teacher and don't have that kind of money and I guess I am too much of a control freak (lol) to have a surrogate. LOL
Sassydoll I was a teacher too! Please put yourself first as it sounds to me that it will be complicated and probably take time trying to have a baby. And what if you do manage to have one but you risk not treating the cancer as early as you can. For me no contest and I am sure I would have felt the same at 35. Who knows but try to let your head rule on this one. I am waiting for my MRI date to check whether the cancer has spread. I am not a religious person really but I too have had thoughts on that plane! Good luck whatever you do.