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Re: Body and head shake/twitch like symptom

Originally Posted by quincy View Post
You mentioned you had social anxiety, paranoia, etc. You've gotten past the majority of it...just wondering if therapy is how you got over it.

Since you're not on any medications...some anxiety/depression/etc meds can cause twitching....can't zoom in on that possibility.

Do you drink? you mention when you're out with friends...alcohol tends to lessen the anxiety and in turn lessen essential tremour if that's what you have.

You should get it checked out anyway. So much better than going through the cycle of worry.

Psychosomatic...doesn't mean you have a could be in part a reason for your twitching muscles.

Have you by chance gone on a carb-free diet? Do you consume drinks/foods with artificial sweeteners?
I actually just came off a drinking binge. Fairly heavy drinker for my age. Since Ive had these symptoms ive been drinking lots of water instead of booze and ive cut my smoking down to 2 -3 a day versus half a pack. My tremors seem to be getting better. Theyre still there but def not as bad.

Ive also had a major change in my sleep schedule. Id go to bed at 5 am and wake up at 1pm. I pulled an all nighter to fix this and right now I go to sleep around 10pm, wake up a couple times throughout the night and start my day around 8 - 9am. Im forcing myself to correct this but these new sleep patterns are leaving me feeling really out of it in the mornings.

When im out with friends I drink occasionally but were usually just out and about doing things sober. Could it just be my body and mind adjusting to all these new 'good' habbits?

Ill go get checked out if these symptoms leak into the new year for sure.

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