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5 Weeks Post Peroneal Tendon Transfer

Hello all. Thought it was time for an update. I am now 5 weeks out from my surgery on November 22nd. The doc transferred a healthy peroneal longus to a badly damaged (1 1/2 inch long split) peroneal brevis.

At two weeks I came out of the boot and was told to gradually weight bear. Three weeks later I am still using a combination of the knee scooter/ two crutches/ one crutch / and occasionally (for a few steps) nothing.

I am trying really hard to be smart and listen to my body. It got very achy in week three and after he took the splint off and told me I could sleep boot free - I stopped sleeping well. It was just enough painful at night to wake me but not enough for heavy duty meds.

I spent a week taking Ambien to sleep and that really helped. I'm not taking it anymore and am just sticking with ibuprofen and tylenol.

It's really nice at the moment because I'm on vacation and can sit more. Teaching kindergarten is not a sitting job and I think the fact that I'm on my feet so much is definitely part of the reason pain flares up so easily.

My scar has a spot that is still scabby and tender - more than the wacky nerve tenderness. I tend to wear a strip of bandaids under my sock to prevent rubbing.

This second surgery has been more painful for sure - the last one was a Brostrom procedure (ligament tightening - successful - and a suturing of the (then) smaller than an inch brevis tear. But I also have gotten to progress much faster which is very nice. It's also been nice not to have a cast.

Another difference is the swelling. Last time I got my cast off at 6 weeks - crazy I'm not even there yet ! - and I experienced a ton of swelling all over my foot. This time, the swelling has been much less. I am always a tiny bit swollen and only once did I get that penguin paddle swelling (funny how the boot shapes the swollen tissue!). And that was after I dumped my scooter and planted my foot down hard.

Anyway, I hope everyone out there going through foot surgery is doing well. I'm looking forward to the pain decreasing even more and to walking and getting back to the gym.

My next appointment is January 9th. We shall see what the cards hold for me then!
Peroneal brevis debridement; peroneal longus transfer to brevis: tenosynovectomy, 11/20/12

Brostrom ligament reconstruction (success), joint debridment, perineal tendon tear repair (fail): 3/22/12

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