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Re: Left side paralysis and a nursing home fate

Hi Lindsay,
I know that this post was from March, but I hope that you are still reading responses.
My father is in the same predicament. Left side paralysis, limited use of arm, can walk/transfer with SIGNIFICANT help. He has some memory loss and emotional episodes (sadness, anger, rage). My mother does not work, but physically (and possibly emotionally), there is no way she can take care of him.
I am also looking for options. He will be released in two weeks. There is no way my mother can care for him at home alone. I live 16 hours away.
I was hoping you could update us on what happened with your father? I am looking for in-home care, and also considering moving him and my mother to my home for a few months until I can figure out what else to do. . .
I hope things have resolved nicely for you, thank you for any advice you can send my way.