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Re: 30+ years of RLS

Originally Posted by ddill View Post
I had fibromyalgia when I was working but retired in 2005 and am much better now. of course the RL continues to worsen each year. I agree that it is very difficult to describe the feeling but I like your definition of torture. Aren't drugs wonderful!
Yes drugs are wonderful when you find the right drug for your condition. I wished we could tell EVERYONE go to the dr and get yourself some RLS medicine if you have RLS. And let your dr. know if what they give you completely works for you are if it just works some, because some people need more of Mirapex and some people need less. My dr. told me if I get where the three mirapex aday aren't doing the job then she will increase the strength of my mirapex..thats so wonderful to know a dr. cares enough to work with you on your dose whenever it is needed. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to u too! Donna