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Re: Suggestions for First Doctor Visit?

Well, I think the visit went better than expected. He was nice and listened to my concerns without telling me I was wrong.

He said that my levels were all considered normal, but that I did have a long list of symptoms related to thyroid. He didn't make me feel as if he didn't believe I had these symptoms.

I had asked him before I came if he might be willing to treat me with "normal" levels, and he said at the appointment he wasn't sure. He was honest and said that since he is relatively new to medicine, he might be less likely to treat it.

Despite this, I feel like he's much more open to the idea than other doctors that I've talked to. I also felt comfortable with him. He ordered some tests and said we'd check back in a month or so.

All my tests came back "normal." I didn't know he didn't order Ft2.033, so I'm going to ask he does that. Also, new antibody tests haven't come back.

TSH- 2.03 (0.10 - 5.50 uIU/mL)
FT4- 0.8 (0.8 - 1.17 ng/dL)
T3- 158 (50 - 170 ng/dL)