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28, no children, hystorectomy last option?

Hello all!
I am new here but would love to hear your thoughts on my "situation".

I am 28, recently divorced and have just a month ago had a "marena" inserted for contraception but mostly due to severe periods.
I have had this all my life - since 10 when I first started menstration.
One of my ovaries has severe scar tissue so I would get a very heavy and painful period every second month. These lasted between 1 week and 6 weeks going through a maternity pad every hour. I also would get migraines at the same time where I throw up for 3 of these days and cant eat or drink.

I went on the pill to try ad control these periods as the flow I got unexpectedly whilst at work or out was so embarrassing. This worked for up tons year but then my body seemed to divert back to the normal "irregular, painful, heavy periods" and the migraines never stopped.

1 month ago I started the marena. So far I am cramping, sore breasts and weight gain to the point of stretch marks in a month!
I am going to stick it out 6 months to see if it settles but I feel it's my last chance before a hysterectomy.

My mum had a hystorectomy at 35 due to similar reasons, tho she was successful in having 3 children.
Unfortunately children is nt an option for me. My ex-husband and I never "practiced" and my current partner will not be ready for 5+ years and it's not a strong desire for him. Whilst I would love children, I have spent 18 years sick and in pain and want it to be over so I can get healthy and live my life - one that's not around cramps and pain and heavy bleeding and migraines!

Has anyone faced anything similar? What is the average recovery time? Do you have suggestions of anything to try as an alternative?

Keen to hear your experiences.

Kind regards, Jesse

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