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Re: Is my five year old autistic?

hi, i have been interested in forms of autism because i have a good friend who has it. also one of my grandsons has recently be identified as possible. he is in pre-school here, just turned 4. the school is sending him 3 days a week to a class to help autistic children. i went to the party in his class last week. i watched him with other children at play. he just stands without any desire to interact with them. this made me sad, he isn't like that at home with his family. he likes us to interact with him. but this is common, they are more interactive with only their close family they have known since infancy. doesn't your school system offer help for free. where we live, the state is becoming more aware of the need to recognize and help children at an early age. you might check with you state school system for any aid they might have.

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