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HELP!! anyone who knows about genital herpes please respond !! Stressing bad !!

Im a 23 year old female and am very stressed out about having herpes. It started back in August when I was with a guy for 2 months.. I knew him my whole life and had heard he had herpes 6 years ago but never heard anything else. We had sex 3 times turning our time together and used a condom every time. I never had any symptoms of it and ended up going to a regular gyno visit and had a biopsy and pap smear done. I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and prescribed antibiotics (i have gotten bacterial vaginosis before) i started the antibiotics a month after being with him and experienced no symptoms. I started to worry about herpes and noticed i felt red down there and decided to go to outpatients where the doctor said i had a mild yeast infection and gave me diflucan. Meanwhile during this time i wasnt eating and throwing up from all the stress of thinking i had herpes. I had missed my period as well because of the stress. The doctor said it wasnt herpes and swabbed me for stds to make me feel better. They came back negative but that doesnt test for herpes so i was still paranoid and we cannot do blood tests for it around here. The diflucan worked the first 3 days then i still felt tingling and irritation but nothing painful. I would check my vagina 10 times a day and this went on for almost a month. I would google symptoms and think i had them. I went to my own doctor and she told me i was perfectly healthy and that my pap smear came back normal and so did my biopsy. She said it was my anxiety and prescribed me medication. I started reading some people dont have any symptoms of herpes ever and im stressed again thinking i might give it to my new boyfriend.. My doctor assured me i didnt but im still stressing and wont have sex with my boyfriend because of it. Does this sound like something to keep stressing myself over ??

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