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Officially diagnosed

Well guys, I've officially been diagnosed with asthma.

I've had a chronic cough since mid-late September, and have had bronchitis and a couple of colds since then (fun...and yes, the cough developed before I got sick, weird as that is)...

So today I went to the doctor...a real one, not just the PA (Physician Assistant) at my school's health center. She took my pulse ox and performed a couple PFTs and listened to my breathing along with taking note of all my symptoms and said that I've got adult onset asthma. Fun times.

She prescribed me a Z-pack to clear up the current infection I've got going on, and 8-day course of Prednisone, and Xopenex. Seems like kind of a lot, but she's the doctor.

Hopefully this will all help clear me up and I'll be able to function normally, without asthma symptoms.

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