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Re: My heart rhythm seems to be always 95

To ladybud : Sorry for the delay. I wanted to go to the clinic and get a record of my papers but that is not going to happen anytime soon bc it is the holiday season, and admin office or archives are closed. As for the cardiologist, the system here is such that you have to see a regular doctor at a clinic and he can write a reference for you. Until now, the ER doc and clinic haven't taken my case seriously, so I have not seen a cardiologist. The doctors here are extremely overbooked. Even for a holter monitor, I was refused bc the waiting list is very long.

To cheer up : I'm sure that anxiety does play a role in everyone but there are 2 possibilities : 1. you have anxiety and no other problems. 2. you have a problem and it is causing you anxiety.
All I know is that when I'm feeling my worst (strong pounding, high heart rate, veins or muscles moving/twitching), it scares me.
Yes, I have cut out caffeine (cola, tea, coffee), I don't drink or smoke, I reduced my chocolate intake.
I get enough sleep, although I wake up 3 or 4 times.

Originally Posted by cheer up View Post
Lately, after many months of feeling nothing, I've experienced some bad palps that last up to a minute or two, then resolve on their own especially when I cough hard, a long-recommended way to jolt the heart back to normal rhythm.
You are lucky that it is rare in your case. But what is your condition? Do you have just anxiety or something else? What are you worried about?

Happy new year to all!

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