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Re: Dad lives in a parallel universe.

My Mom also has vascular dementia and she also thinks shes in 'Mexico'. Her hallucinations are little kids with no faces and strangers crawling up the curtains or in the corners of the room, and little animals running around. She also sometimes thinks she's on a big boat but not a ship. Sometimes she thinks she turned herself in to the police and that shes in a halfway house. Her stories and conversations can be mind blowing trying to figure out where it all comes from. It is a whole different ball game then just forgetting, which she also does. She'll ask me how her parents are (gone along time), she asks what my dad is doing(gone 14 yrs now). I bought her a blanket and the following week she says she got it at a garage sale yesterday.
I totally understand what your going thru, I just moved her into an AL beginning of Dec, been a rough road since Sept. My head is still spinning at all this happening but is getting better. You just take it day by day. Prayers and ******{hugs}}}}
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