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Re: 6 year old daughter maybe suffering Anxiety?

I feel your frustration over this as I too have dealt with this with my daughter . Her initial anxiety stemmed from someone throwing up near her and ever since then it has been extreme anxiety . If you have ruled out anything physical than I can assure you the stomach pains she is complaining about are brought on from her anxiety . We dealt every day with the stomach pains , headaches , and fear of going to school fr an entire year . It got better and came back full force at age 10. So much so that we had to find a specialist that dealt with anxiety in children and it has been a godsend . She has made such a difference for her . One thing I was told is that the more you acknowledge it , the more she will do it . We were told to set aside 5 minutes a day that she knew she could use to complain about how she was feeling . Any other time she was reminded that this is not the time and she can tell us when she has her 5 minutes . The complaining got less and less and she is now virtually anxiety free . I know it's hard but try to not validate her everytime she complains of something . As long as you know she is physically healthy and this is all in her head , you not feeding into it will lesson it . It is very very common at her age so don't feel like your alone