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Re: Help With Vitamin D

Lately I have been taking 8000 IU - along with K2 maybe every other day. I feel fine, so I cannot begin to comment on the headache. So sorry that is happening to you. Can you add the drops to yogurt? Or something? Did your doc also recommend K2? If not, why not?

My regimen begins with mg of Iodoral - iodine and selenium. Vit B complex. The D3/K2. Magnesium. Just ran out of my liposomal vit C product Probiotics and Fish Oils. Along with some garlic here and there, a little tumeric - maybe some berries. A little CoQ10, Gingko Biloba and unrefined coconut oil in some coffee in the am.

Sorry. I tend to go on and on and I don't mean to.

Hope you get the answers soon!!

ETA: Had melanoma a few years ago and will NOT cover up ever again. The sun is your friend. Just do not burn!

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