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Re: Need advice - husband is addicted to Percocet

Thank you all for the encouragement and advice. It helps so much to know that I am not alone in this. I had another talk with him and asked him if he wanted me to call an addiction counselor and he told me that he was going to try one more month of doing it on his own. I have heard this before.

He went back to the pain management doctor yesterday and told them he didn't want the percocets. They prescribed him lortabs. He said he is going to take them right this time. I told him that it is very hard for me to believe that. The last time he had them prescribe lortabs he ended up going to urgent care saying he hurt his back so he could get more percocets. I wish that he could do it on his own but I don't think it is possible. He admits he is addicted but still denies certain things and believes he can kick it on his own. I also think he got percocets because he has been having red glassy eyes and has been sweating a lot and it took me 3 tries to wake him up this morning.

I'll count the lortabs tomorrow to see how many he has taken. He told me he only took 3 today. He agreed that he would get professional help if he couldn't manage them on his own. We will see if he actually does.

I'll update to let you all know.