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Re: diagnosed with gastritis & h.pylori

Chas, first let me tell you how bad I feel that someone as young as yourself is going through all of this. Unfortunately, acid reflux has so many nasty symptoms that most of what you described can be attributed to it. For example, my acid reflux was so bad that it was giving me a sore throat, my nostrils hurt when I would breathe through my nose, my teeth got sensitive just like when you bleach them and my ears were always clogged. At one time I even had one side of my tong tingling. And all of this due to acid reflux. My GI doctor did not think that many of these problems were due to it but soon after putting me on 40mg of Omeoprazole they disappeared. How strange is that, huh? I am still experiencing the other symptoms in my esophagus, LES and my stomach that are common to acid reflux, but as you can see, crazy stuff happens. I hope that your doctor puts you on PPIs to give you some relief. Oh yeah, I also tested positive for H.Pylori when they did the endoscopy and was put on two anti-biotics which have resolved some of the sharp pains that I was having in my stomach. As for my advice to you: please read up on what foods and liquids to eliminate from your diet and what foods, fruits, juices and natural supplements are good for you. I have started to take natural supplements as well as pro-biotics on top of my diet changes and it does help. I wish you luck and relief.