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less on the board and your opinion

hi everybody,

First of all let me wish you a happy 2013, my best wishes for everybody.

These days I'm less on the board due to 2 reasons but will be back soon enough, so no worries (and if anybody has something they would like to ask me, please don't hesitate to send me a pm).
1) levels being more off again (that's what the question is about)
2) severe fire (house completely gone) at my mothers.

My question concerns my levels, last results (I'm having trouble with the days these days but must have been like 10 days ago) came back very hypo (FT3 27 % and FT4 somewhere around 57 % if I reclal correctly, don't have the results by hand) but my results 3 weeks prior to that were hyper. Point is those hyporesults were weird but made sense with my symptoms, I was also dealing with some cold week prior to that so not sure whether that might have influenced things.
Anyway currently although I really do my best to keep calm, of course there is no escaping the stress. Physically I don't do anything (I'm just way to sick to be even considering that) but I try to be there for them the best I can, so for me the trip and stuff is already a lot to do physically. anyway point is I do notice my body reacts on things, I'm not sure whether my symptoms are hypo or hyper at this point, but I'm inclined to think it could be tiny bit hyper (but not energetic whatsoever, if only).

Sorry if I'm not clear, my mind is a bit foggy (so could be hypo anyway). Anyway since the hyporesults came out of the blue (but the symptoms at the time sure where hypo) and things are changing and what not, I did not adjust anything with those results, because it was odd, I wanted to wait and see how things would evolve the days afterwards. Point being I'm thinking to not do anything now, yes I feel like crap but well don't want to mess anythign up on the longer run and don't want to make things worse either, it all is already hard enough to deal with so although I feel bad, I cannot have worse now. So was thinking to just have new labs done next week and see what those say and go from there? (so leave the hypo ones aside and just see where I landed).

what do you guys think?

hugs and

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