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Re: My 87-year-old dad has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia.

Part of that is they are our parents and will always be our parents. I so want to believe my Mom when she tells me she's done something but then I remind myself that she doesn't even remember if she has done it. She threw sheets away last week because she said she didn't own any blue sheets. She had gotten them for Christmas a year ago but couldn't remember ever seeing them. When she got her hair done last week, they gave her a permanent. I asked her if she'd gotten her hair done later that evening (I already knew the answer because i had talked to the beautician). Mom said no, she hadn't gone down. I told her to feel her hair and did it feel tight with curls. She said no, it didn't so then I told her to stand up and go look in the mirror. She did and then said.....oh, well, I guess I did but I didn't remember being there. It kind of breaks my heart that she can't remember stuff like that. I will probably have to figure out what to do on care since she had problems with taking baths or remembering too. She says she did but the towels aren't unfolded so I know she didn't. I finally ran the bath water and waited in her apartment while she took one. Frustrating! Oh so sad also!

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