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Re: Scared of brain tumour, please help...

Thank you for all your answers. I haven't been active on these forums at all, but I just want you to let you know what's going on with me!

Sorry for the long post, hopefully you'll read it anyways.

I've been to an ENT regarding my ear-stuffiness, and an MRI with contrast has been ordered, however, it will take at least 3 months due to long queue, which upsets me abit.. He did all kinds of tests: Tympanometry, pure-tone audiometry etc, nothing turned up, except for the slight hearing loss.

My migraines are the same, had one today actually. Beginning with aura, specifically "Scintillating Scotoma", visual disturbances.

I still have the breathing problem, and I feel it is elevated by stress/anxiety, and as I have some serious health anxiety regarding these problems it could very well be the cause.

One thing that I've been experiencing the last few weeks however:

When I'm relaxed or about to fall asleep, I get a electric shock feeling in my chest, almost like when you've been scared by someone/something. Feels like I'm about to stop breathing or like my heart is about to stop beating, really scary.. I went to my doc about this while waiting for the MRI, and he put me on antihistamines and later antidepressive meds, which so far seems to be no help, but I think it could be my healthanxiety acting up.

What worries me now is the actual wait time for the MRI, but I'm trying to hang in there.. I'm still worried to death that it could be a tumor causing all this, even if it's incredibly rare.

Any input is appreciated, and I'm sorry for turning inactive on the forums. Thank you for all the kind responses.

I should add that friends/family hasn't noticed any sleep apnea lately, maybe it was something temporary and associated with my snoring.