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Re: stabbing pain right side stomach below belly button

Hi Mark, I am sorry to hear about this pain---I can understand how it would effect your everyday activities. I can also easily see how doctors write off pain; often patient-reported pain with no visible proof often deters the doctor from doing any further invegtigation.

Although this may have already been ruled out have you considered that it may be an irritation of the appendix? It is located in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen between the bellybutton and the pelvic bone. One way to see if it is possible that a gastric inflammation is the cause would be to see if lying in the fetal position relieves the pain (if so, your doctor needs to know about it sooner rather than later).

If it is some sort of external oblique or rectus abdominus muscle spasm try taking a muscle relaxant or use a heating pad to see if the pain subsides.

Even thought I don't want to sound as unhelpful as the doctors you have already spoken to, if could be referred pain from inside your intestines...things like out of the ordinary movement (yoga) or even wearing very tight clothing that constricts your abdomen can cause gastric upset. Maybe consider any similarities between the clothing you wear, activity you do or things you eat when these events occur and eliminate them one by one to see if the problem goes away.

I hope you find out what is going on soon. Good luck.

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