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Re: what CAN you eat and drink with Reflux??

I think there is more we can eat than people realize. The real problem is with sauces, flavorings, dressings....very limited. I have LPR and have cut out all the usual suspects but I have found that JUST as important as what i eat is how much I eat and move around (bending over especially) after eating. Timing 4 or 5 small meals and having to time my last meal three or four hours before bedtime is just as bad and that's what's doing my head in.

Today in the morning I had rice/millet cereal with lactaid low fat milk. I tolerate that reallyl well and like it a lot (don't feel deprived in the least) but today I went food shopping right after and was bending and lifting and I got that burn in my throat. So I took some Gaviscon and i'm ok now.

Next meal whole wheat/flax pita bread with sliced white meat turkey and lettuce and a tiny bit of low fat mayo. Like a teaspoon. It's not too dry and I can also dress the lettuce with a teaspoon of low fat carrot ginger dressing. I'm sure i can have more than a teaspoon but i'm going slow.

Then I might have a smoothie with a little bit of plain yoghurt and banana, apple or carrot apple ginger (I have a vitamix for that)

And my last meal might be an omelette with broccoli and a little bit of feta cheese.

I am doing the koufman diet (she is also my doctor) and once i was out of the induction phase I've really enjoyed figuring it all out.

I am hoping to reintroduce the "trigger foods" one at a time to figure out what I can have (i'm praying to God it's wine and chocolate) but for now it's not that bad. Hope I gave you some ideas. Dr. Koufman's book recipes are too complicated for me but i can get ideas from it.

Good luck.