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Re: Possible PCA recurrence after IMRT/Brachytherapy

Originally Posted by jerseyguy View Post
NYLIGUY, What was the reason you added Brachytherapy with your IMRT? With a Gleason 6 I would think IMRT or Brachytherapy by itself would have killed the cancer cells. I look forward to hearing other opinions on your PSA bounce.
Because of the high percentage found in the three cores from the 12 needle biopsy, and the fact that PNI was present, RO wanted to do the combination IMRT Brachy treatment.
Pre RT PSA 4.0 bIopsy 3 cores positive Stage T1C
30% 40% 50%(PNI present) (3+3)G6
Treatment IMRT 12/2011, Pal 103 seeds JAN 2012