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Re: New & need help!!

<< with straightening of the cervical spine >>

Your cervical spine should be slightly "lordotic", which means that it curves backwards as it rises from your shoulders. Yours has straightened somewhat, which means that it's not quite holding your head upright. Not a very unusual condition. If the radiologist were to say that your cervical spine had gone "kyphotic" (the opposite of lordotic), then he'd be raising a red flag.

<< There is anterior osteophyte formation. >>

Bone spurs, but you already know that.

<< There is changes of vertebral endplates at the C5-6 and C6-7 disc levels. >>

A little more detail would be nice.

<< Spinal cord:Normal in size and signal >>

The most important thing...

<< C4-5 disc level : Mild central canal stenosis secondary to posterior disc/spur complex formation which is more prominent on the left. >>

OK, so your C4 and/or C5 vertebrae have bone spurs growing back off them, probably off the surfaces that contact the C4-5 disk. This is a little worse on the left and is causing mild (read "clearly there but not problematic") narrowing of the spinal canal (not the cord, just the canal).

<< There is mild left anterior cord effacement seen in association with this >>

The bone spurs pushing back into the canal have "effaced" (pushed away) the spinal fluid that normal surrounds the cord. Apparently only in front, though.

<< as well as mild to moderate left foraminal stenosis. >>

The neural foramen, which is opening in the spinal cage where your left C5 nerve leaves the cord and heads toward your shoulder and arm has been somewhat narrowed by those bone spurs. Here, the situation rises to "moderate" (read "borderline problematic").

All in all, it's a pretty benign report, to my eyes. You must have had symptoms, though, or you would not have gotten it done, and I'd guess your symptoms have worsened, or you wouldn't be bringing it up. Perhaps time for another MRI?

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