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Re: Newly Wed Honeymoon Definitely Over

First, I am sorry to hear what you had been through.

I hope the blindness doesn't become your manifestation. What I'm trying to say in here is, she may feel that your blindness creates an obstacle ( she felt tired about that), but we shouldn't add more fuels into the fire by manifestating ourself with what she thinks, is right for us and we should confront her. A no no, this is too dangerous, except you want to end it forever.

If you want to save your marriage, the key is trying any efforts to show her the pleas. Show her that you accept your lack, but in fairly state. Remember, you should step on that, don't get drowned by her emotional. It's highly sensitive, especially if you burn it up.

Skip the idea or insecurities about the middle-age crisis. Because many normal marriage-couples that had sex in a year by only counting fingers.So, this won't happen only to you.

But I don't know how patient you would be?

Stay humble. I know this is weird. But this is the strategy to win the war. If you ask her seriously about what her problem is, she may think you put a vonis on her. Don't force in having sex, put the energy elsewhere, which is how to win her heart once more again.

If you don't, then the sex is never the same. I guarantee it would not satisfy you both, because in order to get a real acceptance to have sex from her, is by satisfying what she needs in daily routine. What does she really want --- for now? Under such condition? Because you are not your past anymore, so does she. Find the right keyhole, and that one is for the winner only. Keep remind that.