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Re: After Lasik Surgery

Originally Posted by Dondi327 View Post
Glasses since fourth grade, contacts since ninth. . .at 51 was wearing two pairs of contacts. . .had enough. Choose lasik surgery. Today is day 3 after. .I cannot see. Near is better that far. I keep wishing I can get my glasses to see clearer. What happen to everyones remarks. . .you can walk out of the office and see clear! Does it get better? I am scared. I have off this week for the holiday, what happens when I need to drive? I am a very patient person, but this is not what I expected.
Don't worry: after 3 days, things still have a bit of settling down to go. What prescription were you before? To have two pairs of contact lenses I'm guessing pretty strong; mine was -10 in each eye.

I also found my close vision was lousy for the first few weeks - a temporary effect, apparently the process bruises the muscles which handle close vision, so they struggle a bit for a while. Cheap +1 drugstore reading specs should help you there (I got a pair on Amazon for about $6) - after a few weeks that wore off for me.

Distance vision was fine after about a week or ten days, but it had been lousy at the start: I was warned about this, because I had such a strong prescription to start with, the small percentage of correction that develops later was still big enough to be a pain. (A few months on, from -10 both sides, I'm at -1 and -3: enough to need glasses, but nothing like before.)

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