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Re: Officially diagnosed

Yes an asthma dr would be good. I see an asthma & allergy dr. My son however sees a Ped pulm. I drive him about an hour to see his dr.

Originally Posted by missyou009 View Post
Yes, I would. As I said, there are literally no pulmos where I live. In fact, there are very few specialists period as I live in a very small city (pop. of 30,000). In the past when I've had to see specialists, I've had to go to a larger city that's about an hour away because of the lack of them here =/

ETA: I did a Google search for asthma doctors, and there actually is ONE where I live...and actually super close to my house! (Less than a mile, so I could even walk if I had to since my parents work full time and I don't drive...or I could take the bus since I have an unlimited bus pas). No pulmos...but an asthma doc is good too, right?