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Re: diagnosed with gastritis & h.pylori

H Pylori can make everything in your system go whacky. It has all the symptoms you described and more. Also, if anything else is going on with your body (cyst) will be hard to deal with because your body is so busy trying to get rid of the bug in your tummy. Your gut is the "second brain" and controls so if you have HP then you will feel awful. Do the treatment and then work hard to replenish your tummy with a probiotic and digestive enzymes. Drink lots and lots of water and eat fermented veggies (organic sauerkraut is the best for you). This bug really wrecks your health. Good news is that patience and rebuilding a healthy gut is a for sure possibility. Kill the bug and then rebuild your health through supplements and food. Best of luck to you and good health in 2013.