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Re: Stapled hemorrhoidopexy vs Banding

I had both procedures for my piles (grade 3 internal that prolapsed,) 42 yr old male.
banding was a complete waste of time and pain.
Had pph done in June and it has taken me about 4 mts for everything to settle down, after the initial operative pain (7 tough days, I'll kid you not!) things were a sore, blood afer almost every bm, bit of urgency but this was restricted to 10 mins before bm and this was always in the morning shortly I woke. Now 6 months later I sent my surgeon a Xmas card telling him that ge had fixed me :-) and that I now have normal bm, no prolapse, swelling etc. I would highly reccommend it, get a corectal surgeon specialising in this. I would have no quams recommending this procedure, give it plenty of time to heal, best of luck

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