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Re: Cant masterbate. Am I broken?

Thank you Aowshea,

I really want to believe that your right. That there is a guy who will help me over this. There is a guy who is special to me though I'm not sure he knows. I have recently tried to get closer to him. And I did for a bit but I think I came on to strong and may have scared him off. Iv never dated before and I really don't know how to express my self to him. I haven't talked to him lately because I'm scared that ill just freak him out more.
But he is worth it, Iv been waiting a long time for him to just notice me. He's worth waiting for, but I'm worried iv already blew my chance. It hurts a lot to think that I may have lost the person I really care for.

Thank you for your post, Ill try to keep my hopes up.