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Re: post traumatic arthritis ! any treatment options ??

Originally Posted by onyx8 View Post
hi, i had a car accident on 2009 had my ankle broken and displaced. I had 4 surgeries, 3 of them were to fix my bones with screw, titanium etc.
my ankle problems began on 2010 1 year later from the accident and i already had my 3 surgeries.
My doctor asked for MRI. I had osteofit and post traumatic arthritis. So i had a microfracture surgery. I was ok for 1 year.
than my nightmare started again. Now its been 3,5 years and suffering a lot.
Bec my lesions are so much and all over cartilage, joint doctors say there is no ssurgery for me.
I dont want ankle fusion. But im searching about ankle replacement.
I have so much pain even when im resting lying sleeping all the time.
I used Geralgine K and etol ford for pain killers. I dont want to use any more meds anymore,
I also want to talk to someone who has the similar problems bec noone can understand it totally.
Im female 25, living in Istanbul.
Has anyone had ankle replacement or another treatment ? and pleased enough living normal?
Waiting for an answer.
Hello Onyx,

I am thinking of having a ankle distraction therapy (with Ilizarov external frame) It will not be easy to go through, but I do not want fusion or replacement yet.
There are threads about it with people who have or had this.

Good luck