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Wink Re: MRI thoracic/cervical region HELP

PB, Been reading your posts. Great idea having a team of Dr.'s, that's the best way to handle your difficult situation.
There are new MRI scanners that can handle readings when you have "hardware" inside. I know this because when I had my pain pump, there was only one imaging place that I could go to & the MRI reading said it was taken with a "Tesla" scan. After you get your pump and if you need anymore scans, you will have to find a place that has these new scanners. The pain pump puts out a big blast of light where nothing can be seen. (been there before!!)
I sure hope your Dr's can help you & you get much deserved relief from your pain. I know a lot of it can be handled with the pump!!! I'm having a lot of "old pain" coming back since I had mine removed. But will have to deal with it from other alternatives. Life is full of "trade-off's".
Happy New Year & New You!!!