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Re: Labrum Tear

Sorry to hear all the trouble you are going through. Thank you for the reply. It is funny how it is such a small world. Dr. Byrd is going to do the surgery. My wife is an O.R. Nurse, she asked one of her doctor friends today, December 31, he told her there is only one person to see and that is Byrd.

I have been reading stuff all over and I think I have found the issue, planning on talking with Byrd about it. When we run I always hear wife's right foot hit the ground, meaning she is not running heel toe but landing on the ball of her foot. I think the beating is what caused the issue. I told wife today what I have come up with. I also told her it will be more or less confirmed if the tear is where I believe it to be. If the runnning caused it, the tear should be top back side of the joint. We will see soon.

The next thing would be to talk to another of our doctor friends the next time I see him at poker. He is a foot surgeon, I will see if he can make some type of insole to help how she lands when we run. Someday that is, will be awhile before we run again.

Hope Byrd works out for you as well. If you come this way do not forget to stop by Green Hills Mall. Just down the road maybe 5 miles.