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Re: Low Penis Sensitivity

Yeah, the inability to orgasm from oral is a pretty common effect of circumcision. From talking to people (in America), it seems that about half of circumcised guys can't orgasm from oral (except in exceptional circumstances).

Taking 30-45 minutes to orgasm from vaginal sex is not bad. I mean, your partner defines what a good or bad amount of time is. It's not a problem unless she doesn't want sex to go on for as long as you need to orgasm.

There are at least two approaches to this (and they're not mutually exclusive). First, you can try to make her enjoy sex more (however long it takes for you to orgasm). One common thing, you might need to be using more lubrication. It always drys out and more needs to be reapplied at least about every 10-15 min. Also you should find there are angles that increase friction and others that move more smoothly. Your partner might like you using the smoothest moving angles if it takes a long time.

Or the other approach, you can do things to increase your penile sensitivity so that it doesn't take you so long to orgasm. You might first try a foreskin substitute before trying growing new skin. Foreskin restoration (or lengthening naturally short skin) is the most effective thing that can be done to increase sensitivity, but it usually takes a long time.

Besides the increased sensitivity, one other benefit of this skin is that once it's long enough, it moves in sex in a way that reduces friction (one study found it reduced friction by 10 times). So even if it didn't make your penis more sensitive it would make it more comfortable for your partner for sex to go on for a long time.