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Re: First post, it's an embarrassing one... Time to talk poo!

Originally Posted by jammy11 View Post
Hi guys, this is my first time using the site, and my problem is not a delicate one!!
My issue is, recently when I poo, I feel a horrible pain, as if my stools are sharp and cutting me as they leave. There is blood when I wipe, and that general area is painful for hours after. I also feel feverish about 10 minutes after very briefly and get a nauseas feeling in my stomach.
I'm an 18 year old female with a fairly healthy lifestyle, I eat healthily and I'm 50kg.
This is the first time I've had these symptoms and it started two days ago.
What could it be? What should I do??
Please help!!
Thanks xx
Ps sorry if I've grossed anyone out...
Don't feel like you're grossing anyone out. This board is here for us to ry to help one another with our bowel problems and be supportive to one another. If anyone gets grossed out by this message board then they don't have to visit or read it anymore.
This pain also can be caused by small tear on the inside of your rectum. I get this when I haven't moved my bowels for 2-3 days in a row because my stool is so hard and so large I have to strain really hard to force it too pass it.
To keep your bowel movemennts soft and regular without the use of laxatives. Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day, eat a diet rich in fiber every day 25- 30 grams a day ,if I make it prioirty to sit on the toilet every day at the same time to move my bowels then I don't get the hard stools. I found if I give myself 30 minutes first thing in the morning before I even get into the shower works the best for me. I need the peace and quiet of the house so I can relax and not feel rushed. Listening to relaxing music and doing slow deep breathing exercies makes it easier and pain free to move my bowels. If I can change my bowel habits after 50 years of chronic constipation then so can
you! I hope this helps you to be on your way to constipation and pain free of moving your bowels daily.

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