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i have bump with blood on the tip of penis
when i squeeze it it only has blood coming out
i just noticed it today looks like pimple almost. does not itch or burn. there maybe be a slight itch. i went to the dermatologist he said my penis looks fine and i don't really have anything to work about. i know i have hsv 1 on lip, but hsv 2 has been negative. i don't understand how i can have so much of anxiety like it un natural. i got checked by doctors numerous times i have had about 5 blood tests for stds. all negative. went to a dermatologist. why is this happening to me. i can't mentally get over it. i think it could have to do with poor hygiene truthfully. i don't know what i should do. I am negative for hsv 2 and have hsv 1 on my lip. and it does not feel like herpes. i don't think there is puss coming out. it has blood coming out. it does not hurt at all. maybe a slight itch but i am not sure. i had one sexual partner. i don't understand how this keep mentally bothering me. i just want to be ok. this is new years i should not be thinking of such thoughts. i have to understand pimples are normal things and can happen if hygiene is not kept to standard. I need to get over this irrational fear and anxiety. I do not have gentile herpes. I have had stuff like this happen to my penis before and that was just considered to be scene not herpes. I showed one that got large to a doctor he said lookded like acene and it went away. i told dermatologist he said it is ok to. he said does not sound like it. beucase usually pain and severe itching. though i have experienced mild itch of the penis in general. this is something that has been conquering my life for so long and it is in different positions not same spot. this leads me to believe this also another reason it is not herpes. I think it just poor hygiene and is a pimple. i don't know what do you think.i have been tested many many many times. I only have hsv 1. and i know how it feels orally. and it does not feel like that. does not look like it. it is very small bump with loud in centre. i do not see puss. it has no pain. i do feel som pain in my groin for some time now but i don't know if it related. I don't know what to think about this. i could really use some support. i think should be fine. because it is not the same spot. I have been to the doctors and same that i am fine. I just want to know what your opinion is. Do i have anything to worry about. this is a new spot. my last sexual experience was 2 years ago

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